Download 12th Class Physics Notes pdf

If you want to download 12th Class Physics Notes, then you are at the right place. Here you can download Chapter wise 12th class notes in pdf format.

Download 12th Class Physics Notes pdf

Here we have provided you 12th class physics notes in pdf format. These physics notes are very useful if you want to excel in your studies. These physics notes have been prepared by experts and are suitable for almost all boards of India.

These notes have been prepared Unit wise and keeping in mind the demand of the exams conducted in India. You can totally rely on these physics notes if you are preparing for various Board exams in India.

Electrostatics notes

The branch of physics which deals with the study of charges at rest is known as Electrostatics.

The word, “electricity” is derived from a Greek word “elektron” which means “amber” (a resinous fossil found on the shore of Baltic sea). When amber is rubbed with woolen cloth (fur), it acquires the property of attracting small pieces of paper, leaves and dust. Same types of property can be seen, when a comb is rubbed with dry hair. The phenomenon of attractive property is known as electrification and substance is said to be charged or electrified. Thus electrification of a substance, when rubbed with some suitable material is said to have frictional or static electricity.

Electric Charge :- In dry weather, a spark is produced by walking across certain types of carpet and then bringing one of the fingers near a metal doorknob, metal faucet, or even a person. Multiple sparks can be produced when a sweater is pulled from the body or clothes from a dryer. These examples reveal that electric charge is present in our bodies, carpet, faucets, sweaters, & computers. In fact, every object contains a vast amount of electric charge.

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Current Electricity Notes

An electric current is said to be existing through a section of a conductor if there is a flow of charge through that section of the conductor in a definite direction. The branch of physics ,which deals with the charges in motion and the phenomenon associated with such a flow is called Current Electricity.

In order to maintain the flow of a charge in a conductor, a potential difference must be maintained across the ends of the conductor. The applied potential difference on electric field inside the conductor. To maintain the potential difference, the energy must be supplied in some form continuously to the conductor e.g. a battery spends chemical energy to maintain potential difference across the ends of a conductor.

Mathematically, current is represented as the rate of flow of charge through a section of a conductor. The instantaneous rate of flow of charge with respect to time is I = dq/dt

here, dq is the amount of charge, dt is time interval.

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12th Class Electromagnetic Induction Notes pdf

In the previous chapter we discussed the phenomenon of a current, producing a magnetic field. This phenomenon comes as a surprise to the scientists who discovered it. Perhaps even more surprising was the discovery of the reverse phenomenon. A magnetic field can produce an electric field that can drive a current. This link between a magnetic field and the electric field it produces (induces) is now called Faraday’s law of induction.

Definition:- The phenomenon of generation of current or EMF by changing magnetic field is known as electromagnetic induction (EMI). The EMF developed in the conductor by the process of electromagnetic induction is known as induced EMF and if the conductor is in the form of closed loop, then the current flowing in the conductor is known as the induced current.

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